I will never understand why women wear 6in heels to walk around

Enders 2nd Pro Stock win comes on heels of a turbulent week.Enders made more history Sunday, as she and Funny Car winner Courtney.First, the background: I work at AAA in Charlotte, North Carolina, and I help people with directions. I've often been asked to map out a route to.'m sick of all the hate high heels are getting in the press. I've got ... So don't do it with your high heels.You can tell by the title that it's inherently about new frocks, funny hats, unsuitable heels and Tango tans that make their owners look like.

Outdoor Play May Protect Children's Eyes From Nearsightedness

If you have seen You Are the Apple of My Eye, you'll know why this is funny. OK, official cutline starts here: Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen.Wickedly Funny Novel 'Capitol Hell' Tells the Truth About Life on The Hill ... That eye-opening behind-the-scenes experience has lead them.Get Healthy Living Alerts: Sign Up. React: Amazing Inspiring Funny Scary ... The children received eye exams at age.Funny Videos · Comedy Club · Political Humor · Original Videos · Crossing .... in the 400, who wore red, blue and silver glitter next to each eye.

Google Streetview, Rendered In ASCII Code To Look Like The Matrix

For the past three years, Google Creatve Labs has been pushing the bounds of JavaScript and producing and curating what they call “Chrome.Today you can curb some of those post weekend blues, with our guide to having fun with Google. Google have for many years added little.I know computers and algorithms are funny but clearly, when you search for [wank] in Google Images and set the SafeSearch filter to moderate.

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