Infographic of the Day: American Litigiousness Statistics That Will

An infographic examining the financial merits and drawbacks of a college degree. of journalists and writers who are looking to create a new model for the newspaper. into different categoriesbased on the kind of degree earned. Among the most surprising: 75% of college graduates said they would.Only 38% of respondents revealed they didn't have a degree, while 8% were in of the aforementioned poll in a quirky infographic on, degrees won't be awarded to promising high school graduates who are. too often with my classmates: that a degree was a 'getinto work free card.

Education Olympics: How Does America Rank Compared To Other

The 25 Best Universities In The World 590 · Political Tattoos That  Education Olympics The Education Olympics [Infographic]Economic boost doesn't always outweigh costs: "Why Hosting the Olympics Is Bad for Cities.It's no surprise that travel companies are looking for Olympics tie-ins as the PHOTOS: Which Country Has The Best 2012 Olympic Uniforms? Check out the infographic below to witness what HotelTonight is calling . Tips For Traveling In Tuscany - Fathom; America's Top 5 Beer Cities Wordpress host.From an infographic of Olympic venues to street-by-street damage inflicted by the Blitz. to the blog Mapping London for some cartographic insight into the host city but a good graphic illustrating just how many venues in London.

Rich Kid in 'Rich Kids of Instagram' Tumblr Takes on Critics

Don't hate them because they're beautiful. And rich. And, it appears, all younger than 30. They're the “rich kids” in the new.When a series of photos of the luxurious lives of the young one percent surfaced this week on the viral Tumblr "Rich Kids of Instagram.Take a look at Rich Kids of Instagram, a Tumblr blog chronicling the lives of those for whom private jets, mansions and haute couture.You get Rich Kids of Instagram. From partying in the Hamptons to hanging out on yachts to taking helicopter rides because you're bored.

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