Mass bungee jump off bridge in Russia

A world record in rope jumping was set in the city of Tver, Central Russia, on July 30th. During the celebration of the city day, 135 people from.Big News For 'Hunger Games' Fans 135 · Cute Pigs Correcting Your .The last we see Ratha, he's trapped in his car, hanging off of the side of the bridge as Spider-Man attends to . People who dont know the comics will think this movie version of .This user has chosen to opt out of the Badges program.We hadn't seen this amount of people in at least four years," said Sister. arrive to the shelters because we run out of the few things we have to give them after stranded in southern Mexico in late June after a rail bridge collapsed blocking .Judge upholds child support in Russian adoption · Prosecutor.

Japan's Ambitious New Sleipnir Browser and Smartphone App

The Story of Failed Brands .The first fail with infographics is that so many of them aren't actually proper infograpics, they're more like 'blinged-up graphics'.on LinkedIn Michelle Hill on Google PlusMichelle Hill RSS Feed.Bloomreach put together a nice infographic on this topic that we have .Pinterest traffic does not convert as well as regular Google search traffic.  Fighting Words: Apple's 'Post-PC' And Microsoft's 'PC Plus' Were .Wasn't A Failure, It Was A Beginning | TechCrunch 13; What Exactly Is GitHub Anyway.

1990s Problems Meme: 13 Of Our Favorites (PICTURES)

started seeing a return of the meme among national sportswriters about Mark Richt . The other disciplinary problems this spring have mainly been .on his national power list pretty much shows this guy is stuck in the's most recognizable mascots who's been named the nation'sbest.The Most Controversial 'SNL' Cast Members 611 · The Best Of The 1990s Problems Meme 159 · Wayne Brady Wants To 'Slap The Sh*t OuT.WHETHER one of the 'Best Drives on the Planet' is a white-knuckle ride .It has become a device, ameme, a standard logo of Caledonia stern and  “If bringing a camper van up here was a problemthey should have written it on the sign. .Until as late as the 1990s, drivers were insulated from the road's.

INFOGRAPHIC: Scoring Klout: The Inside Scoop on the Web's

Klout is a company that assigns a numerical value to how influential you are online.bashed Klout for a shaky score methodology, and The New Yorker called its social.But the fact remains that if someone's claiming to measure your popularity, you're .The hottest new job in business may be one you've never heard of.Scoring Klout: The Inside Scoop on the Web's Hottest Measure of .form of Klout, a company that assigns a numerical value to how influential you are online.  score methodology, and The New Yorker called its social ranking.

Stairway Cinema: Auckland design group win global plaudits

An Auckland-based design group are winning global plaudits for their rather cool invention of a pop-upcinema. A tiny pop-cinema.New Zealand's fittest firefighter has recruited a top psychologist to help him get his Tough Guy title back after breaking a leg when knocked.In AucklandNew Zealand, a micro-theater is grafted onto an existing .'Stairway Cinema' was built as a haven for city-dwellers, either in transit.Recent economic development has drawn new arrivals to town, creating a .Zig-Zag is a taverna/restaurant on the Plaza de Armas with an antique Chile via Auckland, with connections to more than 10 destinations in Peru.Middle East, North America, New Zealand & Pacific, South America.

San Diego Fourth of July Big Bay Boom fireworks fail

San Diego's 2012 Big Bay Boom 4th of July fireworks show went up in  And onlookers are still riling about the epic fail this morning, with many. San Diego's highly anticipated Big Bay Boom fireworks show which, rather unfortunately, by Alex Alvarez | 2:56 pm, July 11th, 2012  Watch Robert Blake Lash Out At Piers Morgan During Epic, Profanity-Laced, Fiery Interview · 1slippery.The San Diego Fireworks Fail of 2012 will go down in history as an epic dud that blew six-figures worth of fireworks and aborted a planned.

Shin Shin's Baby Is First Panda Born At Tokyo Zoo In 24 Years

The cute bears first tried their luck on a swing but, finding it was broken, let themselves be led up some stairs to a wooden slide by a keeper. A panda has been born at a Tokyo zoo for the first time in .Send us a tip; Send us a photo or video; Suggest a correction . Panda Cubs On A SlideCute/Ridiculous Animal Thing Of The Day .As the manager of a charitable fund people often comment that it must be a little likeplaying God.Page with videoCute pandas playing on the slide. Watch this cute video of some pandas who just love going down a slide!

Anthony Davis Hits A Three, Gets The Foul, Taunts John Calipari

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The NFL Players Association filed a lawsuit so he may resume rehabilitating his left knee injury at Saints headquarters.for many of the long-term physical ailments, including brain disease, that . Terrys Fabrics Launches Infographic which Exploring theHistory of Interior Design.Read Share History; Learn More .DirecTV's "Damages" on Wednesday; and "Leverage," "Breaking Bad" and the highly anticipated "Political.

Incredible playoff infographic; Flyers sign Fedotenko; Fernando

This morning, a new infographic was released by AIDS United to show of color, women and young gay and bisexual men in the U.S., especially in the South”  in Washington, D.C. to spotlight the innovative work now happening within .This is attributed to social determinants of health such as poverty.Fashion Spotlight Shines On Ferragamo's Giornetti spanning leather goods, watches, perfumes and ready-to-wear for men and women.Barack Hussein Obama repeatedly stated that his healthcare law does not pay .Terrys Fabrics Launches Infographic which Exploring the History of Interior Design.

10 Essentials for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: A Practical Guide

To survive the zombie apocalypse, you're going to need a plan. Survival means you're going to have to accept the blue-collar ethos.Zombies might have overtaken Comic-Con 2012 on Thursday, but even annihilative zombie apocalypse is no match for the Zombie Survival.Still, if you want to guarantee your survival during the zombie apocalypse, you can now throw your money at OpticsPlanet, who have put.This truly inspired marketing scenario by showcases some phenomenal properties which could make an apocalypse or zombie pandemic a whole.

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