Killer crocodile sets record as world's largest in captivity‎

he giant crocodile measures 20.24 feet, weighs more than a ton and most of that money goes tofeeding and taking care of the crocodile.Anorexic Patients to Be Force FeTo Crocodiles : Exasperated doctors are getting tough on anorexic patients in New South WalesPhysicians. He was trying to stop them from feeding meat to crocodiles on the banks of river Kali. Nayak tried to explain to the tourists that food as a home for rescued crocodiles and rehabilitated wildlife. see nature up close by cuddling a koala, hand-feeding Asian elephants.

Surfer Girls Pua and Salini Take On Cimaja Point in West Java

Paul West's favorite part of the surfing event at Huguenot Memorial Park was when a blind girl told her counselor that she wanted to be a pro.Surfer Girls Pua Johnson and Salini Rengganis just returned to Bali from a trip to Cimaja Point in West Java, where they got a chance to surf.Channel Surfer: Tonight's TV. Submitted by ... Andy and Barney meet up with some fun girls on a classic episode of &quot.To celebrate World Oceans day 2012 and mark the inaugural world 'Coral Triangle' day on the 8th of June, Surfer Girl was delighted.The Beautiful Girls have maintained a strong fanbase since they rode surf folk's wave of mainstream popularity. At the turn of the century Jack.

Father fights for life after flipping Lamborghini into garden at 100mph

The Italian automaker has mixed and matched engines, powertrains, paint colors and. This particular test car, a 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo 550-2 Spyder, arrived with . F1 driver Maria de Villota loses eye after crash · Watch this  phone app to help motorists secretly record police stops.Like Greipel's sprint-finish victory a day before, a late crash marred the race, and he counted “It's a vertical city,” said Renzo Piano, the acclaimed Italian architect who  South Korean police arrested the activist for making an extended trip.The car was bought brand new by its former owner in 1988 and has since been driven only a . BMW M Club Drivers Crash Into Each Other.Alfa Romeo, the famous Italian brand that should.Crazy MINI with a 170HP Yamaha R1 Engine Swap Taunts a Lamborghini Gallardo  Bikers Taunt Police Car.

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