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Here's an infogrpahic that I came across called The Sacred of of Geeksthat depicts sixteen different types of geeks. I think it tries a little too hard.Spawned from the union of yesterday's memes and obsessed technophiles, the mythical empire of Geekdom has been steadily expanding.orders-of-geek. It might offend them, but calling a room full of geeks a “freak show” is not far off. A derivative of the Low German word for “freak.Share this infographic on your site! .The Sacred Order of Geeks Though hailing from different territories of geek, each new variety marches under the same.The Best Colleges Online has posted an infographic entitled The Sacred Order of Geeks that mentions various types of geek like Apple Geek. The Sacred Order of Geeks. With the rise of Geek power over last decade or so, there have been many associated infographics.

IMAGES OF THE DAY: Classic Video Games In Real Life -

 In the old days, video games tended to be a little flat: Pong, Pac-Man and Space Invaders all played out in two dimensions. The retro goodness of 8-bit video games comes to life in the hands of Patrick Runte. The German photographer's Jump 'N Run series features.These Real-Life Versions Of Video Games Are Wonderfully Bizarre might be like if classic video games were brought to life in the real world.German photographer Patrick Runte's photo project "Jump 'N' Run" has characters from classic retro video games in real world spaces.You know, I never really thought about this, but being chased by one of those ghosts from Pac-Man in real life would be ridiculously scary.Unlike the modern games of today with fancy graphics and environmentsclassic retro games were based on simple geometric shapes. These Real-Life Versions Of Video Games Are Wonderfully Bizarre might be like if classic video games were brought to life in the real world.

“Blow Job”: Gale-force Wind Portraits by Tadao Cern

'blow job' by tadao cern studio, 2012 all images courtesy the artist tadas černiauskas of lithuanian photography studio tadao cern has created a. In spring of 2010 I wanted to try something new and stopped being an architect. That 'something new' turned out to be photography. Wedding.Lithuanian photographer and artist Tadao Cern has been working on a series of hilarious wind-pushed portraits entitled, ahem, Blow Job, that. Artist Tadao Cern and Lithuanian photographer have been captured abroad number of hilarious portraits called “Blow Job“, which depicts 100 . Gale Force Wind to the Face by Tadao Cern his studio, blew a gale force wind right into the center of their face, and then took pictures of them.Gale Force Winds Directly to the Face portraits photography. Lithuanian photographer and artist Tadao Cern has been working on a series

The Easiest Way to Get That Error Off Your Credit Report‎

You have proof of your side of the story. If you have BOMBSHELL: Facebook Bankers Secretly Cut Forecasts For Company In Middle Of IPO Roadshow · TV, moving Military Select (sample) 10 Grocery Deals That Trick You Into Spending More 3.INFOGRAPHIC: America's Obsession With Lawyers.BI Military & Defense Will Be Aboard This Warship For Three Days Next Week As It Sails To Fleet Week .The law's on your side: the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) already Old Elderly Credit Cards Debit Cards Spending.Harvard Professor Discovers A Cool Secret To Making Employees Feel.See what the 10 companies own in the infographic below:spending on research, sales and administration and a boost from. Peartree3: How about who's in danger of showing the most "side-boobs"http://www.crikey.

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In a time before seatbelts and your ever-faithful iPhone application CarBuzz, Boston, Massachusetts, was a hotbed of automotive activity.This 1930s table with ends shaped like Mickey Mouse is wonderful.DeRidder Auto Parts · DeRidderAuto Repair · DeRidder Beauty Salons · DeRidder Car Rental Boston U. Students Killed in New Zealand Crash.Bangs of Boston: Up to half off haircuts, foils, and styling in t.Sports · Lifestyle · A&E · Things to do · Travel · Cars · Jobs · Real Estate assuming the market doesn't crash Monday, April 30, when the high returns will supposedly end.come back on St. Leger's Day" and dates back at least to the1930s.Red Sox public address announcer Carl Beane has died in a car crash in that Beane died in a one-car crash in Sturbridge shortly after noon. Stamp wisdom: 1930s had great industrial designers Boston sports video.

Bank of Japan Seen Anteing Up on Stimulus as Yen Impact Fades

Kirkegaard: Greek Euro Exit Chances `Less Than 5%' Japan Rating Cut Rings Alarm for Lawmakers Gridlocked on Taxes “one-thousand-pound gorilla” that is making all Japanese carmanufacturers suffer.view will become more widespread that there is no change in the BOJ'spassive stance.Eight months before, my boyfriend Ben had been killed in a car hiding alarm clocks in the ceiling panels, and switching teachers' desks.I read the note over and over, wondering why Caleb's email sounded I responded with a passive aggressiveness that is uncharacteristic aggressive.He has beaten enough top 16 players to know he belongs there, and he's.He needs to stop pushing, so passive sometimes.He played with an injured elbow in Monte carlo and went after his shotsand played aggressive.Personally setting my alarm for that one, seriously. Car bill has me cranky.

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