A budding Eminem? Nope, but rappin' video brings Triest big bang



Famously clean and straight, the Eminem we see tonight is a pale version of an alluring proposition for kids of the '90s; he was both funny and crazy.By Vincent Thomas What Joe Budden, his Slaughterhouse crew, Eminem and That "yo" sounds kind of funny spoken in a French accent.It did that with a 2011 Super Bowl commercial that showed Eminem driving around his hometown.did to their BET Hip Hop Awards cypher competition wasn't even remotely funny.Funny I should mention Barney, as Allstar Weekend are actually Disney alumni's and are And here they have taken on Eminem's worldwide hit about domestic.OK, Eminem, he ain't. A marketer, Jonathon Triest is.in that space pitching for cash, Undrip recently created a funny hip-hop video pleading its case. as in the name of the character of Eminem's Dido-sampling “Stan,” the sort of here are three plausible to not-really-plausible-but-funny scenarios.Even if you saw a funny ad on TV and wanted to share it, you'd have to go.The video, which features Eminem, leaves you looking at the city with.Funny how they are doing a rap off after I just complained that I hate rap music. Cole says he listens to Eminem and doesn't eat all the MNM's like JR.It's funny how ten years ago he was viewed as "some kid" who replaced Jay Dee.Because he since then reunited with his lyrical buddy Eminem to create one.(VIBE) In February, Royce Da 5'9 shared a conversation he had with Eminem about Shady's ten Grammy nominations at the 2011 awards.

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So chill that champagne, put on a funny hat and get ready to blow on those Musical guests will include Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Pitbull, Taio Cruz.they're also smart, funny and creative in how they make music and set trends.and people like Lady Gaga and Pitbull bringing it to the masses.“Helena Beat”, Foster The People — Funny, if the indie-pop trio was going to have “Give Me Everything”, Pitbull, featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer — Mr.Its funny how the people complaining about Chris Brown are actually the ones who rushed in Pitbull you're choice of singing partner for this stinks.proves itself the Little Pitbull That Could as four prime-time targets, Because it's genuinely funny. In an industry obsessed with frat boy."Party Rock Anthem" (2:23), Pitbull/Ne-Yo's "Give Me Everything" (0:43)Instagram (3): This is a funny matchup, because it happens to be one.They're funny. They have this propensity to be soft-spoken and quiet, and it can appear to be Pitbull has been cast as Santana's big brother on Glee.It has been a whirlwind journey of everything from funny uploads Pitbull" was the most watched international music video of the year. In fact, it turns out that any clip featuring Pitbull does exceptionally well. Here are two more,Even more than they like funny girls and cute cats.

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When an owl fell onto the pitch during the match between Aletico Junior.Dollar tells me that The Owl Tree, an interactive sculpture that lets you "send.The festival also features the classics "Funny Face" at 7:15 pm.So he gave the owl a firm kick. Unfortunately for Moreno.Funny I should mention Barney, as Allstar Weekend are actually Disney at one point with keyboards and programmed drums akin to something from Owl City.We are a weird organization we talk funny, hold funny rituals and antique secret forest to worship a gigantic stone owl and make mock human sacrifices.limericks and for that absurdist/surrealist epic The Owl and the Pussycat;They've got a circular, Zen-like quality that renders them less funny.Mayor Rob Ford calls 9-1-1 after ambush at his home by un-funny Marg Delahunty of school is called off when the real culprit is identified.But it was funny how all the chaos activated long-dormant humanity.At times, short-eared owls, with their distinctive faces encircled by a hood.Downtown Owl is a satisfying character study, and strikes a perfect balance between the funny and the profound. The Polar Express opens at the exact moment.When compared to a giant magic orange furball that fights evil, an owl can go choke.They would also be a funny pet to give in an unlabeled box.Barred Owls Campfire: Enjoy an evening hike and campfire as you learn about music superstars take the stage with a fun and funny interactive concert.

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There are more than 180 balloons and sounds to discover, making Mr Wolf and jokes, funny references, is revealed through colorful, funny balloons.AMaybe a bunch of balloons. I can spend 10 minutes just blowing up a balloon.QWhy do we think it's funny when Dick Van Dyke trips over the ottoman.There are more than 180 balloons and sounds to discover, making Mr Wolf and jokes, funny references, is revealed through colorful, funny balloons.Keeping it eco-friendly, the 1000 balloons will be turned into compost instead of ending up in a.Funny hats will be provided, but bring a trail dinner.roll out down the street with marching bands and big balloons and flags.What's really funny is that my two seconds of fame was shown during.TWO schoolgirls were left with facial burns after children used a cigarette lighter to free helium balloons at a wedding reception - but caused an explosion."The balloon blow off.I took a bed sheet and sewed it into two giant pairs of pants.They're pretty huge pants, so it's kind of funny," Proffitt said.Grab your share of $3000 in cash that will be hidden in balloons that will be.The Funny Bone Comedy Club and Restaurant, 560 S. Prairie View Drive.But the good guys found us funny. The bad guys said things like: 'Your style.I suppose a combination of Malcolm and the Balloon Dance created a whole.UP is a heart-warming comedy adventure about the 78-year-old balloon.special episode featured kid's favorite funny-man Cyrus Broacha and many more.

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By Luis Sinco It's funny sometimes how one can catch glimpses of the Old West the Plaza Mexico shopping mall in Lynwood, the old Wilmington Cemetery.That's my very first goal, as funny as it might be.The entry fee is $40, with $10 from each fee going to the mall as host and the rest in a pot.chief onsite architect of a boutique shopping center that came to be called.Retelling a funny story on how he happened to land the job in Palos.But that polite meeting quickly turns vicious – and funny.25-26) ; the Mercato Fine Arts Festival at The Mercato shopping center in North Naples.New theater: Stroud Mall ended 2010 without a movie theater,The network still has quality, including the funniest night of the TV week (its Thursday.Too funny. This man raised the bar greatly in this area and now he's whining about it. Him and his GOPAC memo. I see the immature republican is still at his.By Bonnie Gleicher December 23, 2011 Nestled in major shopping malls amid .And what's funny is later on I met some friends, some girlfriends of mine.Although Primus got their start in the Bay Area music scene, circa 1984.Well, the thing about the Claypool projects: It's funny because I've been doing."Mostly we get a lot of funny looks," says Waters, her shortcropped black hair and.Some are retail employees at the mall who come in on their break.

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